LBPs Instruction for Users

  • Go to <LBPs link>

  • Connect your wallet to the site and sign.

  • From the Pool list, choose the pool you want to swap. Make sure the pool is still under auction.

  • If the pool has not yet been verified by Metaverse Starter, you will receive a notification about its legitimacy. Kindly click the "Proceed to LBP page" button if you accept potential risks and want to continue swapping in the pool.

  • Token's Network Connection

There is a case where the token's network is different from the network you connected your wallet to in the beginning.

Kindly click the "Change network button" to continue swapping.

After approving (if you have not yet used the network before) and connecting to the token's network, you can now swap.

  • Token Approval

If this is the first time you've used a pool, you will need to approve the token before swapping.

Kindly click the "Approve <token name> usage" button to approve the token usage in your wallet.

  • Swapping: Now you can fill in the number of token you want to swap and click the "Get <token name>" button.

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