How to participate in IDO

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1. How to access

To access this feature, please follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Choose “Pools” from the Menu bar to access your desired IDOs. Or you can access any featured pool from Homepage.

2. Connect Wallet

2.1. Connect the main wallet

  • Click the "Connect Wallet" button in the header to connect your wallet.

  • In the Connect Wallet popup window, choose a network and the corresponding wallet you use

2.2. Add sub-wallets to My Profile

Select My Profile in the drop list menu in the right corner of the screen:

In the My Profile section, your wallets linked to Metaverse Starter are listed in the “Wallet Addresses” area.

  • Main Wallet Address: This is your primary wallet address for staking, KYC, and applying for the pool whitelists.

  • The sub-wallet addresses (Solana, Near,...): The sub-wallet will be used when you apply for whitelists of IDO pools based on Solana networks or Near networks. You will participate in the IDO pools by using your main wallet address, and your tokens will be sent to the Solana/Terra Address you connected.

Step 1: Click Solana Wallet or Near Wallet then click [Yes] to confirm.

Step 2: Choose the wallet you want to use.

Step 3: Continue with your connection then [Sign]. Once you confirmed, you have successfully added your sub-wallet addresses on the Metaverse Starter launchpad.

3. Stake

You need to achieve one of Metaverse ranks (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) to be eligible to join the IDOs. To stake, please go to from Menu bar or click Staking from Manu bar.

From the Pool list, choose a pool with the Token that you want to stake to [Enable] that pool to start staking.

After that, you can freely enter the amount of token that you want to Stake.

4. KYC

  • After staking successfully and reaching the required rank, you can apply whitelist for joining the IDOs.

  • From pool list, filter all the pool in Whitelist status.

  • Select the pool you want to join whitelist, and open its details.

  • The system will ask you to KYC to continue. Click the “KYC Now” button on the Requirements section. It will navigate you to Metaverse Starter KYC on Blockpass.

Fill in all the necessary information to complete the KYC process.

  • Your KYC’s status on Metaverse Starter will be changed to "Verified” once you pass the KYC process successfully.

5. Apply Whitelist

  • The Whitelist popup is shown after clicking the “APPLY WHITELIST” button on the Requirements section.

  • The requirements to join the whitelist are different for each pool and are decided by the project team.

  • Before clicking the “APPLY WHITELIST” button on the popup, make sure that you have completed all tasks the project team required according to your rank.

  • The system will verify your information after you click the “APPLY WHITELIST” button.


  • Your whitelist application might be pending due to some unforeseen technical issues (Ex: overload check) that occurred during the verification.

  • Once all the requirements are met, your whitelist application will be approved.

6. Swap Tokens

6.1. Check your Allocation

  • You can check your allocation when whitelist winners of the pool are announced.

  • Select the pool for which you have applied whitelist successfully and open its detail.


You must connect the wallet address which you have used to apply to pool’s whitelist.

When the list of winners is announced, on the pool detail:

  • You can see your allocation in detailed information.

  • Check the countdown on the Pool Timeline area to see when you can start swapping tokens.

  • Be sure to check your wallet balance for the currency required by the pool before swapping.

  • After you have done this step, you just need to wait until the pool is open.

6.2. Click Purchase Tokens

  • Input the amount you want to purchase (or click Max to auto-fill with your maximum amount).

  • The token will be automatically calculated based on the amount you input and the exchange rate.

  • Check all the information and click the “Purchase Token” button.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet after clicking the button.

  • After confirming, you will see an option to view your transaction.

    • Make sure to check the current balance in your wallet.

    • Make sure you have enough tokens on your wallet for the Gas fee.

  • Wait until the transaction is mined.

  • The Token Deposit Successful message will be displayed after your transaction is confirmed and processed successfully.

  • You can check your purchased tokens on the Pool Info Area and just only need to wait for the pool time to finish before being able to claim and withdraw them.

7. Claim Tokens

  • When the pool swap time is over, you will be able to claim your tokens as listed in the timeline of vesting.

  • Open the pool details:

    • Your Purchase: Your amount spent

    • Token Received: The total amount of tokens you have purchased

    • Claim Progress: Time and amount to Claim

  • When it is the due date, click the "Claim Tokens" button to claim tokens. The button will be enabled when it reaches the token claim time.

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